Nasty Beginner Blonde Babe Gulps A Massive Load

Most women don’t go very naughty unless they’re in another city. Chase here is a sexy blonde chick who’s never given a blowjob on camera before, but she’s here in Los Angeles for a boring family reunion and she figures she should go out and get some dick while she’s here! She saw my ad in the paper and decided to come down here and get a throat full of man milk! As soon as she’s through the front door, there’s no mistaking what she wants, so I give it to her. Chase slurps up every drop of my load.

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Petite Blonde Babe Blows Cock

October 27th 2008
Chase is a very cute 21 year old babe that just happens to look like she is 18. She is a petite blonde collegee coed from the northwest coast and she is looking to suck some cock. She saw the site and was looking to have a little fun. I have my friend Ray run her give her a little audition and she swallows with flying colors. I may have to “audition” her myself.

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