Cute 20 Year Old Student Sucks Dick And Injests Spooge

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When she first said it, I was pretty certain this hottie was fucking around when she said that she can’t get a healthy amount of protein because she’s a vegetarian. So naturally, I had to say something. So I made a remark about feeding her cum or something like that. When I saw the look on her face, I realized she was trying to charm me. Turns out that this slutty 20 year old first timer babe really did want to deepthroat me. Kitty was fantastic too and she asked me to spooge down her throat so she could slurp up that entire wad!

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Amateur Busty Kitty Swallows Cum

November 11th 2008
Kitty is 20 years old and a student from a nearby university. She is 5’8″ tall, and has a huge pair of tits, and a very mouth and the sultry brown eyes. Kitty is also a vegatarian that is craving some meat. I ram my hard cock down her throat, fuck her little shaved pussy and shhot two cum shots in her waiting mouth.
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